Rescitech Vision, founded in 2014 by a group of inventors, is committed to accelerate the world’s transition towards sustainable and inclusive innovation growth by creating simple technologies with no technological divide.  

In 2002, WHO reported upto 70% injections being given by reused syringes in developing world, causing 1.3 million deaths, loss of 26 million years of life worldwide and estimated increased medical costs $1 billion alone in USA annually. There is spike in new cases, particularly by Needle Stick Injury (NSI) upto 30% of hepatitis B, 41% of hepatitis C and 9% of HIV/AIDS. Increasing lifestyle diseases like diabetes, hormonal problems etc. have promoted steep growth of injections creating ever-growing piles of hazardous medical-waste posing serious health concerns. It has increased global disease-cum-healthcare burden. Conventional safety syringes may however prevent its reuse but not NSI. Retractable syringes may also prevent NSI but are beyond reach of common people being highly expensive. Besides, being completely disposable, they create huge amount of medical waste. The syringe industry including all major R&D institutions is seriously putting herculean efforts to design safe retractable syringe. 

We, the inventors and founders of Rescitech Vision, initially took the WHO’s report as a challenge and consistently worked together to find out a most suitable solution to effectively curb the menace of unsafe injections. Our studies revealed that only and only the retractable syringes may be the perfect solution of this challenge, but the costly retraction mechanism makes them so costly that they are hardly affordable even to o.1% of the global population.   

Our decade long consistent endeavors have resulted in five International Patent Applications of different technological designs of retractable syringes. Ultimately, we succeeded in developing ‘Futuristic Safe Injection System-2020’ to get rid of this dreadful menace of unsafe syringes, wherein no syringe is required to inject the medicine in patient’s body and the medicine may directly is transmitted from manufacturing unit to the patient body avoiding all the possibilities of contamination and over-dosage/under-dosage.   

Futuristic Safe Injection System-2020, ‘a cheapest, green, sustainable, ergonomic disruptive technology which ensures ‘single dose-single needle’; prevents NSI, needle-reuse, counterfeit drug; decreases 70-75% hazardous medical waste; saves millions of lives & making billions of dollars without creating any technological divide’, lives upto the mission of Rescitech Vision.


Rescitech Vision is a technology and design company with a focus on sustainable innovations. It  envisioned that injectable medicines may be administered without any requirement of syringes, which are primarily responsible for transmission of blood-borne diseases like HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis B,C etc. due to needle stick injuries and create huge piles of hazardous medical waste. We successfully developed a smart packaging technology for packaging fixed dosage of injectable drugs, which may be injected directly into the body of patient with the help of a reusable injector. It completely eliminates the need of separate syringe for each and every dosage.  

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