Futuristic Safe Injection System-2020’ provides two variants of reusable injectors, 18 variants of safely disposable drug-cartridges and a fluid-collector, each one functioning distinctly depending upon various operational situations and requirements. 

Drug-Cartridge provides a ‘smart packaging technology’ to pharmaceutical industry. It consists of an inbuilt piston and a retractable needle along with a fixed dose of medicament being used as the barrel of syringe, wherein needle retracts automatically within the empty cartridge after the completion of injection procedure, which is safely disposable without any risk of needle stick injury. It replaces the need of vials, ampules etc. used for conventional packaging of injectable drugs. 

Reusable injector is equipped with an efficient retraction mechanism whose cost goes on decreasing with each and every next injection procedure to become almost negligible in due course. It replaces the need of syringe for injection procedure. The LED provided in injector regulates and keeps vigil on the entire injection procedure. It also facilitates the injection procedure by illuminating the injection site during the dark hours.

Neither of the two parts per se is syringe but constitutes an efficient, simple and user-friendly self-retractable safety syringe, when coupled together. 

Fluid Collector is designed to prevent needle reuse and needle stick injury during the safe collection of the fluids when coupled with injector. 

The system is fully compliant to guidelines laid down by WHO, FDA and NIO

Drug-cartridge (Variant 1) with forceps head-lock Injector

Drug-cartridge (Variant 2) with needle-head Injector

Drug-cartridge (Variant 3) with forceps head-lock Injector

Fluid-Collector with forceps head-lock Injector 



Smart packaging of fixed dosages of Injectable medicines will ensure: 

Direct transfer of drug from manufacturing unit to patient’s body   

Frequency of injection procedure 

The smart packaging will enhance the frequency of entire injection procedure to maximum extent and save the invaluable time of medication process because the user has only to attach the fixed-dose drug-cartridge with injector to initiate the injection procedure.    

No probability of under/over-dosage  

The smart packaging ensures the transfer of correct and exact dosage of drug into the patient without any user-intervention which eliminates all probabilities of under/over-dosage in administration of drug.    

Ensures ‘Single-dose single needle’ 

The smart packaging will ensure single dose with single needle.   

Saving of  5-15% extra ‘overfill quantity’ of drugs 

The smart packaging will amounts to huge direct input savings of pharma industry compensating/negating any increase in cost due to smart packaging, consequently preventing the unnecessary wastage of precious drugs and escalating its reachability directly to the end-users.   

No contamination of drug at any stage 

The smart packaging eliminates all the probabilities of contamination of medicine occurring in conventional system during the transfer of drug-contents from the drug-container to the syringe.     

It also prevents all kinds of contaminations caused by the chemical interaction of long staying entrapped air bubble along with the drug contents in conventional drug-containers i.e. vials, ampoules etc. Such entrapped volume of air generally contains nitrogen, oxygen, carbon-dioxide, and other gases etc. along with air-borne pollutants / contaminants, which are bound to chemically interact with biomolecules of drug contents to deteriorate its quality as well as efficacy right from packaging to the final use.    

The smart packaging of drug in drug-cartridge completely rules out all probabilities of contamination of drug contents during the entire course of journey - from the moment of packaging to patient’s body and ensures preserving its original efficacy for longer period of time.


No wastage of drug  

It prevents unnecessary wastage of precious drug in two ways:  

(i) Drug content are wasted during its transfer from drug container to the syringe during injection procedure. 

(ii) Generally, the drug container contains 5-10 dosage but only few dosages are utilized and the rest are discarded as waste. The smart packaging in dosages shall completely prevent any such wastage of precious drugs.   

Safe disposal of once used needle  

The smart packaging ensures safe disposal of used needle encapsulated in empty drug-cartridge by making it far safer and non-hazardous medical waste, which will further prevent exposure of any remnants of drug to the environment, finally making the waste more safe, harmless and easy to manage.   

Smart packaging checks on counterfeit drugs 

The packaging of drug in drug-cartridge needs automation, only affordable to big pharma industries. It will indirectly keep a strict check on the counterfeit injectable drugs costing heavily on the revenue and goodwill of the genuine pharma companies.   

Smart and aesthetic packaging adds value to the finished product 

The smart packaging of injectable drugs in Drug-Cartridge provides a technologically advanced, smart, safe, ergonomic and aesthetic packaging of the drugs, which ultimately adds value to the finished product. Such an enhanced value addition of latest technology will impart enhanced commercial competitive edge as well as export prospects of the product worldwide.      

Independence from syringes for drug administration   

Smart Packaging will remove the huge dependence of pharmaceutical industry on the syringe industry  

Presently, the syringe is the only basic tool to inject the medicine into patient. Our technology completely eliminates the need of syringe for injection procedure. The pharmaceutical industry may itself manufacture the reusable injectors to bring this separate industry into its ambit.    

Affordability and safety assurance may popularise our technological advancement among various other routes of drug administration, bringing it at par with the oral/topical ones 

The reusability of injector makes this system a ‘cheapest’ drug delivery system. The cost of the reusable injector will automatically go on decreasing with each and every next injection procedure and will practically reduce to negligible. The end-user will have only to pay a slightly increased packaging cost incurred on the packaging of drug into the drug-cartridge without any further requirement of separate syringe for injection procedure. The affordability, accessibility and huge saving on the out-of-pocket expenditure of the end-user and the safety assurance of system among medical practitioners will definitely popularize this injection system among various other routes of drug administration, bringing it at par with the oral/topical ones. It will ultimately increase the overall consumption of injectable drugs too.   

An effective solution to prevent needle-stick injuries, counterfeit-drugs and hazardous medical waste 

The use of this disruptive technology provides an effective solution to the pharma industry to strongly stand against the growing menace of needle-stick injuries, counterfeit-drugs and hazardous medical waste posing a serious threat to the lives of millions.    

Contributions to Sustainable Development Goals 

The technology provides pharma industry an exceptional opportunity to finally make their most significant contribution towards Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by making healthcare system greener, safer, affordable and accessible to all. It will effectively reduce NSI almost to zero, which is a root cause and chief source of all major dreadful diseases i.e. AID/HIV, Hepatitis B & C etc., to curb such diseases & healthcare burden; democratize healthcare system, making it equally affordable and accessible to all; prevent abuse of injectable drugs; ensure fullest achievement of WHO’s initiatives to completely replace conventional syringes with safety syringes by 2020.   

Greener and Safer Healthcare System to fight Climate-Change 

It provides pharma industry a significant opportunity of participation in a fight against grave challenges of healthcare sector’s contribution to Climate-Change by negating carbon footprint of entire syringe industry and introducing a green, sustainable method as well as product and in excessively reducing the ever growing piles of hazardous bio-medical waste to achieve the highest goal of securing a safe, healthy and dignified ‘Right to Life’ for all.   

Thus, the technology holistically offers a brilliant opportunity to pharmaceutical industry of an extremely profitable business along with discharging its pious social obligation to save the lives of millions along with golden opportunity to make fortune of dollars in billions without creating any technological divide.  


1.      The European Patent Office, while examining our International Patent Application (PCT/IB2016/051060) WO/2016/142799 A FLUID INJECTING SYSTEM WITH NEEDLE RETRACTION BY VACUUM has opined,    

The technical effect of these features is that the injector is reusable while the only parts to be discarded are the needle hub and the medicament cartridge. As a result a cheaper and friendlier to the environment system is achieved without an increased risk of needle injuries.   

2.    In the final stage in First Mile Innovation Challenge – CAMTech organised by  Massachusetts General Hospital in association with GE Sustainable Healthcare Solutions, the reviewers opined,    

“The proposed novel syringe has great potential to reduce medical waste and increase safety for medical professionals. It is responsive to the WHO call for reduction in reused syringes. This is clearly a breakthrough technology as evidenced by their patent applications and their early recognition.”   

3.    Dr. Anand Pandey, General Manager of Nectar Lifesciences Ltd, India has opined,  

The complete transfer of drug substances from vial / ampoules is never possible as some quantity of drug remain be inside of bottle, therefore FDA recommend to fill additional quantity about 5-15% of extra quantity to ensure the label potency / prescribed amount of drug has been comfortably transferred into syringes for injection. Therefore, to compensate the dispensing losses, it is always necessary to add addition 5-15% additional drug substance in final formulation dosage form i.e. vials, ampoules. This additional drug quantity is called ‘overfill amount’, is mandatory and Drug Companies do submit validation report for the their addition quantities to regulatory agencies. The ‘overfill quantity’ is mandatory disclosure and drug companies do submit data to regulatory agencies for final IND approval for any injection. Because of this, any vials or ampoules for injection always contains about 5-15% addition drug substances to confirm and ensure that recommended dose gets transferred into syringe for IV/IM injection. This additional extra drug quantity is absolutely a waste of drug product and cost of this extra mount huge. The minimum of 5% saving of drug substance is enormous and unimaginable saving to drug companies and it is a direct input cost saving. In comparison to this savings the packaging material saving and initial cost is simply pea nut, A  Game Changer.   Further, this overfill quantity  goes with packaging material waste and required extra care, if not compromised during plastic recycling….this further leads a more impure and contaminated recycled plastic……the hazards of this multi drug contaminated plastics is very unknown and as of now there is no study matrix available to visualize and estimate the danger situation.   In light of above facts, the Futuristic Safe Injection System is a extraordinary achievement and gives solution to many critical problem along with a better economical choice.”       


We have dedicated more than a decade putting all endeavors and available resources in developing this technology to prevent menace of NSI and bio-medical waste. We have voluntarily offered a free of cost license to WHO, UNICEF and RED-CROSS to use our invention globally for the well-being of public at large, so that the ultimate benefits of invention may directly reach to the end-users in urgent need.